Innovation Talks. Bill Emmott

Dec 15 2017 - 6:00 PM - Bologna Business School - Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

The fourth Innovation Talk of the autumn cycle will host Bill EmmottBritish journalist and essayist, with his speech Europe’s future in the age of Trump, Brexit and smart robots. Emmot, known for his role as editor-in-chief at The Economist from 1993 to 2006, is a visiting fellow at the All Souls College of Oxford and the author of ‘The Fate of the West‘.  The event is organized in collaboration with Philip Morris Italia.


He is the author of 12 books, including the bestsellers Forza, Italia – How to start again after Berlusconi and Good Italy, Bad Italy. Furthermore, he collaborated on two feature films. The documentary Girlfriend in a coma, made with the director Annalisa Piras, comes from Emmott’s profound exploration of Italian society, which describes with an objective and external voice the political and socio-economic situation of the Country.


In his long international career, Emmot is also the promoter and co-founder of an educational charity association, The Wake-Up Foundation, dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers that afflict Western societies and their values ​​through cinema, debates and school courses.


His latest book The Fate of the West, published in various countries including the United States and Japan, describes the heavy threats that weigh on the Western world and its values. Emmott exhorts to resist leaving the mind and the borders open.


Correspondent from Tokyo in 1980, in April 2016 he was awarded the prestigious Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government. Moreover, he is the only foreign winner of the “È giornalismo” Prize, founded in 1995 by Indro Montanelli, Enzo Biagi, Giorgio Bocca and Giancarlo Aneri.


Emmott studied at the Latymer Upper School in London and then at the Magdalen College of the University of Oxford where he obtained an EPP (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics).

The event, dedicated to BBS Community, will be held in English with simultaneous translation.

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