Innovation Talks. Barbara Carfagna

Nov 15 2018 - 6.00 p.m. - Bologna Business School - Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

The first appointment with the Fall Edition of the Innovation Talks 2018 will host Barbara Carfagna, Rai journalist, author and anchor, as well as the creator and editor of Code: life is digital (Codice: la vita è digitale), a television program about scientific, technological and social divulgation. Datacracy is the title of the speech during which she will discuss the ‘government of data’, the risks brought by new technologies and the future of democracy at the dawn of the third phase of the internet. The event is organized in collaboration with Philip Morris Italia.

The ubiquitous digital technologies, the quantification of data and the exponential increase in computing capacity, are radically transforming our society. Above our physical world, where the territories are controlled by 200 countries with laws that regulate them, we have added real digital continents governed by data and algorithms that organize our minds, knowledge and identity, selecting for us the information and influencing our decisions, often in an invisible way.

Barbara Carfagna, journalist expert on ethical issues related to scientific discoveries, will share with the BBS Community the results of her investigations on the issue of ‘government of data’, evaluating the opportunities and risks for citizens and the current political systems. In fact, in the future, Datacracy could help national governments to strengthen their control and even reach an unprecedented level of surveillance, or become the basis of a new shared democracy. Meanwhile, the data produced daily on the web, are giving a small number of private groups the opportunity to determine the processes on a global scale, drawing huge profits.


The event, dedicated to the BBS Community, will be held in English and Italian with simultaneous translation.

Barbara Carfagna, graduated in Literature at the University La Sapienza of Rome, then attended courses in journalism and communication, specializing in scientific journalism: neuroscience, ethics and ethical issues related to scientific discoveries, digital, innovation and globalization. In 1994 she began her journalistic activity in local newspapers, arriving in Rai2 already in 1995 in the editorial board of L’altra Edicola, a television program dedicated to the world of books and publishing.

She gained experience with Giovanni Minoli, working with him at Mixer. In 1998 she was a reporter for the column TG1 Prima. For TV7 and Speciale TG1 she followed the main events in Italy and reported from Ethiopia, Niger (where she produced a report on the expansion of fundamentalist Islam), Nigeria (where she interviewed Safya, the woman condemned to stoning for adultery ), South Africa, Cambodia (where she made documentaries on child trafficking) and Germany (on neo-Nazism in former East Germany). She collaborated with Unomattina, Porta a Porta and Chi l’ha visto? in the edition conducted by Federica Sciarelli. In 2004 she moved to the editorial board of TG1, a news program of which she became an anchor under the direction of Gianni Riotta, who also entrusted her the Italia Italie column, dedicated to successful immigrants.

Since 2009 Barbara Carfagna deals with the digital impact on man and society and in 2017 she became author and anchor of Codice: la vita è digitale, a television program dedicated to the present and future technological transformations. The TV program has been shot in more than 10 countries, from Japan, United Arab Emirates, to the United States, visiting the most advanced and visionary research centers and startups in Italy and abroad, to understand how these changes are transforming the way we live and our identity. The first season of the broadcast dealt with the following themes: money, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the future of work, smart cities, artificial intelligence, digital humanities, cyberwar and space.

For her journalistic commitment, Barbara Carfagna has received numerous awards and recognitions and has met world-famous personalities such as Luciano Floridi, Eugene Kaspersky, Iroshi Hishiguro, Yuval Noah Harari, Martin Sorrell and Tom Barrack.



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