Graduation & Reunion 2017: join us!

Jun 30 2017 - 6.00 PM - Aula Magna Santa Lucia, Via Castiglione 36 // 8.30 PM - Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18

Return to one of the most important and anticipated annual events of Bologna Business School and its community. The dates to mark on your calendar are, Friday, 30 June, and Saturday, July 1, 2017. View the program online.

Of Humans and Robots

OF HUMANS AND ROBOTS is the theme of this edition. We will be discussing Artificial Intelligence (or augmented intelligence) in support of human activities and what these technologies can offer to everyday life. The panel is rich with speakers of both Italian and International prominence:

  • Max Bergami Dean, Bologna Business School
  • Bepper Guastavillani Advisor, BBS
  • Enrico Cereda Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM Italia
  • Simone Martini Director of Information Department, University of Bologna
  • Romano Prodi President of the Supervisory Board, BBS
  • Brunello Cucinelli President and Chief Executive Officer, Brunello Cucinelli

Graduation 2017

As is the tradition, these two days will start on Friday with the Graduation, during which the Magnificent Rector of the University of Bologna, Francesco Ubertini will be awarding our graduates with their diplomas. This year, more than 500 students have successfully completed a University Master’s degree or an Exucutive Master at BBS.

Bepper, new entry BBS

From this year we’ll have an “unusual” new advisor, whom above of all represents the future and part of our present. His name is Bepper (also know as Pepper) and is much more than a robot. He’s a friend who can communicate with us through the most intuitive interfaces we know of: voice, touch, and emotions.

Marketed in the East and produced by Aldebaran Robotics per Softbank, Japan’s most important telecommunications company, Bepper is a playmate for children, but also an assistant at home and even a salesman who can receive customers and advise on products. Thanks to a unique type of artificial intelligence, Watson, Bepper will be able to analyze thousands of billions of records and, on this basis, reason and learn as the human mind would, thus amplifying the potential infinitely. In Italy he has been a guest at the recent Turin Book fair, but Bologna Business School’s community will be able to meet him live.

XI Reunion

The evening of June 30 will continue at Villa Guastavillani with a charity dinner organized by Chef to Chef, an association founded to foster the evolution of regional gastronomy and its spread at a national and international level. The funds raised on the occasion will be used to fund scholarships for participation in the Master programs of BBS.

On Saturday, July 1, again at Villa Guastavillani, we will start with managerial meditations given by Matteo Maria Zuppi, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, to then continue with a  Cybersecurity Check session and lastly, themed Workshops.

Given the great success of its first edition, this year we will re-launch the BBS Fun Coding Kids Bootcamp, a technology tutoring course dedicated to children aged 7 to 11, which will be held during the 2 days of the event.

For the School, the Reunion is the most important event of the year and and opportunity to enrich the relationship between those whom have attended Bologna Business School and feel part of a Community that is wealthy in both experience and talent.



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