Driving Innovation: the Interplay of Technology and Leadership

Jul 05 2019 - 5.30 pm - Bologna Business School - Via degli Scalini 18 - Bologna

Jayshree Seth, Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate 3M will be guest of Bologna Business School for the workshop Driving Innovation: the Interplay of Technology and Innovation Management dedicated to the impact of technological research on daily life.

The meeting, moderated by Laura Toschi, Executive Director of BBS’s Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management, will see as a guest Jayshree Seth, who – with 65 patents designed in his 25 years at 3M – has earned the illustrious title of business scientist, the highest position in the industry technical. “Science applied to life” is the slogan of the multinational leader in the design of technological solutions for the sectors of health, industry, electronics, energy, safety, graphics, automotive, transport, design and consumption.

Jayshree Seth, named Chief Science Lawyer in 2018, aims to promote a new generation of scientists, carrying out coaching, mentoring and research on several fronts, with the aim of spreading innovation and leadership in respect of intellectual property . His approach focuses on the perfect balance between technology management and human resource management in order to guarantee satisfactory results on economy and life in STEM, the English acronym that groups together the academic disciplines of science, technology and engineering and mathematics.

At BBS Jayshree Seth will talk about the relationship between science and the scientist, and the implications that this relationship has on the perception of the human being, deepening at the same time the equilibrium line between management and technological research: it will also be examined as the 3M company faces the challenge of applying to the market and the daily life of technological innovation, enhancing the benefits for the individual, as well as for the company itself. 3M’s prerogatives include the possibility of a career offered to every single employee, so that it can be realized and leave its mark in the field of research, contributing to solutions with a decisive impact.

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