Davide Paolini and his New Book “Il Crepuscolo degli Chef”

Oct 21 2016 - 6.00 PM - Librerie.coop Ambasciatori - Via degli Orefici 19 (Bologna)

Davide Paolini, Italian journalist and radio host also known as the Gastronauta, tells his vision on food: from the TV spectacularization to food fashion, from the chef star system to the myth of the kilometer zero, until the eternal struggle between carnivores and vegans.

“Il Crepuscolo degli Chef” (The Dusk of the Chef) published by Longanesi, gives the critical and merciless look of the author which highlights the macroscopic schizophrenia between the factual reality (decrease of food consumption, closing stores, drastic reduction of the premises) and the virtual reality (media overexposure of food: web, tv, books, magazines, blogs), which shows a new relationship, never encountered in the past, between the Italians and their cooking.

With the intervention of Massimo Bergami, Dean of Bologna Business School, and Helmut Failoni, journalist, will be discussed the new trends and their impact in the management of this sector.


The event will be held in Italian language.


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