BBS Leadership Lecture | Mauricio Macri

Mar 01 2023 - 6 pm - Villa Guastavillani

On WednesdayMarch 1st, at 6 p.m., the BBS Leadership Lecture “Leading and Learning Leadership” with Mauricio Macri, President of FIFA Foundation | Former President of Argentina | Former President of Boca Juniors, will be held at Villa Guastavillani.

Mauricio Macri was President of Argentina between 2015 and 2019. He was twice Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, National Deputy, three times President of Boca Juniors Club, and twice one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people, in 2016 and 2018. In 2005 he founded a party that led him to be elected twice Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires. And, only 10 years after founding the party, he was elected President of Argentina, breaking with 70 years of two-party dominance in Argentina.

In 2015, Mauricio Macri became President with a country on the verge of economic collapse. Despite not having a majority in the Chambers of Deputies and Senators, he works toward Argentina’s institutional transformation by implementing several measures to strengthen institutions, guarantee the independence of the powers, and ensure transparency in governmental affairs. His government also carried out the most ambitious transformation in Argentina’s infrastructure and energy matrix, connecting the country physically and virtually, and prioritizing solar and wind power.

He strengthened Argentina’s integration into the world and the opening of international markets. In 2018, as the first South American President of the G20, Macri hosted one of the meetings with the greatest consensus in its history. Mauricio Macri has received the Collar of the Order of Isabel the Catholic granted by King Felipe VI of Spain; the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor awarded by France; Knight with Grand Cross with Collar of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic; and the Grand Cross of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle, among other international distinctions.

In June 2019, he was awarded the “Living Football Award” by FIFA, given to outstanding personalities of the world for their actions in the
development of soccer. Macri trained as a civil engineer at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and attended Columbia University for business school.

President Macri continues to speak widely to give an updated vision of Latin America and its geopolitical challenges. He also lectures on positive leadership, building high-performance teams, decision making, cultural change, consensus building, listening, and dialogue as distinctive methods of working.

Macri is the Executive Chairman of FIFA Foundation where he combines his three passions: education, football, and working to forge a brighter future for young people. He also leads the Macri Foundation where he works on issues for the future of Argentina: education, innovation with a social impact and climate change, and the environment.


Being a leader means dealing with change and developing a vision of the future that does not neglect the strategic aspect of achieving it. Leadership involves a solid predisposition for motivation and inspiration. These are fundamental characteristics of a leader who wants to push people to contribute collaboratively and in a shared way. Leadership is an ongoing process in which engaging and listening to others is essential.

How is leadership learned and enacted?


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