Are we (V)Ready for Metaverse Marketing?

Oct 25 2023 - 5.30 pm - via Microsoft Teams

Innovations in digital immersive technologies are boosting the popularity of the Metaverse concept, consisting in a virtual space that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality, extended reality (XR) and social media integrations to simulate the real world or other possible worlds for the customers. From a technological standpoint, we are ready to witness a ground-breaking innovation in how customers experience their relationships with companies in virtual environments. What about the customers and companies? Are they ready to embrace this wave of technological innovation?

We will discuss it on Wednesday, October 25, at 5.30 p.m. (CEST) at the Virtual Event “Are we (V)Ready for Metaverse Marketing?” via Microsoft Teams, with Matteo Esposito, CEO and founder of InVRsion, a leading Italian company that has been investing and working in VR applications for marketing for a decade.

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