Alessandro Profumo, CEO Leonardo: high technology, innovation, Italian excellence

Jan 31 2020 - 6 pm - Villa Guastavillani - via degli Scalini, 18

On January 31, there will be at Bologna Business School the lecture by Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo S.pA.

Air, land, sea, cybersecurity and, of course, space: Leonardo is the thirteenth largest defence company in the world and the third-largest in Europe. 30% owned by the Ministry of Economy, it produces military and civil aircraft, defense systems, airfields, security, protection of information, infrastructure and territory.

Through Thales Alenia Space produces satellite systems for navigation, telecommunications, meteorology, environmental control and Earth observation.

It has offices and activities all over the world, is present in 20 countries and is a partner of large industrial collaboration projects at an international level.

Alessandro Profumo will give a speech entitled: “Leonardo: high technology, innovation, Italian excellence”.

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