Entrepreneurship Hub

Bologna Business School’s Entrepreneurship HUB is a collector and catalyst of entrepreneurial experiences, a meeting point for all those who want to create or grow their own innovative enterprise. Internal and external entrepreneurship –intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship- are in fact distinctive elements of doing innovation, which strongly characterise Bologna Business School and its positioning in the territory in which it operates.

Business creation is a challenging process, complex and characterised by great uncertainty. The entrepreneur must be able to combine passion, inventiveness and energy with competence, professionalism and methodological systematicity. Many SMEs suffer from a lack of managerial skills and limited capitalisation, and fail to grow on an international scale. Moreover, many of them have to deal with complicated and often tumultuous generational transitions. The BBS Entrepreneurship HUB therefore aims to become a meeting place and the main hub for entrepreneurship in Emilia Romagna, where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can:

  • Enrich their own skill set and develop an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • Strengthen their network by getting in touch with other entrepreneurs, managers of already established companies, institutional investors and academics of international standing;
  • Participate in an innovation ecosystem that fosters access to key competences and resources for the birth and growth of new entrepreneurial realities both locally and on a global scale.


For entrepreneurs, managers, students, alumni, researchers, policy-makers

  • Events, seminars, conferences


For more information on the BBS Entrepreneurship HUB, please contact the secretariat at entrepreneurship@bbs.unibo.it.