EMTIM, training for today’s innovation managers

15 November 2019

The Master where you learn to learn. With these words Andrea Pontremoli summarizes the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management (EMTIM) of which he is Executive Director.

But what does it mean to master innovation in an age of constant technological acceleration, where everyday life is marked by the succession of new ideas and projects, from social media to medical lasers, from 3D printers to artificial intelligence and to unmanned cars, from blockchain to the hydrogen engine?

In such a dynamic context where skills and knowledge struggle to keep pace, the innovation manager is no longer the engineer with a specific and sectoral background, but who knows how to combine his skills with a dynamic, interdisciplinary, current approach.

The companies that thrive are those that know how to “govern the unpredictability of innovation” as stated by Rosa Grimaldi, Academic Director of EMTIM, developing solutions capable of mastering the technical subjects and confronting them on management issues.

“The essential element, the decisive one, is only one: the person. An innovative company cannot exist without innovative people”– says Andrea Pontremoli, who underlines how the EMTIM is designed to help managers understand the present and design the future, thanks to the continuous comparison on the field with other professionals and the approach multidisciplinary training course.


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