Eleonora Rotelli Full-time Business Management Master’s – Food and Wine

18 September 2020

Eleonora Rotelli, Alumna of the Food & Wine track of the Full-time Business Management Master’s, transformed her passion for food and wine into a full-time job. Today she’s Brand Manager for Eurocompany, where she did her internship.

Of the Master’s at BBS she greatly appreciated “the perfect interconnection between the study of strategies and their operational application, through project and team works”.

Tell us about your professional career.
After a few, initial experiences for local authorities and food and wine excellences protection entities, mostly dealing with territorial marketing, thanks to BBS I did my curricular internship in the company I still work for, Euro Company.
The internship experience was fundamental to get to know the company core business, dried fruit and nuts, more in depth and to introduce me to the Brand Manager profession, as I could deal with marketing comprehensively, from product development to the setting-up of the marketing plan. In February 2019, I started working as Brand Manager, I directly manage some brands in the company portfolio. Very recently, I’ve started focusing on the activities related to large-scale-retail trade.

Why did you decide to resume your education and how did you choose BBS?
My background was mainly in humanities, characterized by a great passion for the geography of food consumption. After graduating in Geography, I saw the educational opportunities offered by BBS and I chose the Food and Wine Business Management Master’s to complete my studies in the economics field and specifically focusing on marketing.
I felt the need to complete my training to be able to carry out the job I wished to do, at the best of my abilities: right from the start, and with great conviction, I actually aimed at a company close to my ethical and personal values. BBS Career Service always supported and encouraged me in this search, providing a high-level support.

According to you, what are the Master’s strengths?
Undoubtedly the perfect interconnection between the study of strategies and their operational application, through project and team works. The meetings that regularly take place with managers and companies bring an invaluable contribution, as well as the monthly appointment with the Innovation Talks. Every single initiative of the school is a unique opportunity not to be missed to fully complete your training. The international environment integrates the educational offer, providing students with the possibility of interacting in different languages, with the aim of fostering a proper global networking activity.

Your short- and long-term goals?
Over the short term, to go on studying and further analyzing the KPIs of the brands I manage, with an extra focus on the logics that govern the large-scale retail trade channel. At BBS, I learned that nurturing the desire to study and learning new things is an exceptional drive in your professional career. Looking at the future, in a company like the one I’m currently working for – that works hard to establish ethical relationships with all the people who are involved in it, at different levels – the goal is to win a big challenge: communicating to the final consumer how you can change the world and have an impact… through your purchases!

What would you suggest to a future BBS student?
Be open as much as you can to active listening, for the entire time you spend at BBS: every day of training and every meeting – from colleagues, to faculty and guests – is an unmissable opportunity of professional enrichment. I think the master’s must be fully experienced, trying to give your best also in small details: all the commitment and the hours spent in the magnificent context of Villa Guastavillani are an investment for your future and your professional happiness.

Eleonora Rotelli – Italy

Master in Business ManagementFood & Wine – Class 2017/2018



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