Edoardo Yien, Master in Finance and Fintech

30 September 2020

“A course that can merge two apparently very distant worlds but that, owing to the growing digitization, are getting closer and closer”. Edoardo understood immediately that the Full-time Master in Finance and Fintech at BBS would be the ideal completion of his studies and he explains why in this interview.

Tell us about your professional career.

My first professional experience dates back to a few years ago when, I was still attending high school, I worked in London for a couple of years, in a travel agency. It was an opportunity offered by my Foreign Languages high school, which gave me the chance, for the first time, to take a look at the world of work. The second work experience was indeed an integral part of my Bachelor’s degree path, as I was required to complete 400 working hours to conclude the academic year. For about four months I worked for Bologna F.C. [Bologna football club], ranging from the admin and control departments to sales and marketing’s. Afterwards, having finished my university degree and before starting the Master’s, I worked for a logistics company. In that period, I worked in accounting, a fundamental aspect for these types of companies, as they have many employees. Finally, my latest work experience somehow brings me back to what I’d done previously, as I worked for a couple of months for Verona F.C. [Verona football club], where I took care of tasks that were similar to those I had at Bologna F.C. Thanks to these two experiences I understood how a company works and I believe modern football businesses are a perfect example for those wishing to have a comprehensive view.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

After my degree in Economics and Finance I had enough time to think about the professional career I wanted for myself. During this period, I had two work experiences centered around the financial and administrative world, something which companies, nowadays, couldn’t do without. For this reason, as I realized that these topics are crucially important, I decided to continue my career in this field. Like everyone else, I started searching on-line for a specialization course or a Master’s that would suit my needs. I always called myself a dynamic person, in step with the times, and when I read about the program offered by the Finance and Fintech course, I immediately thought that was right for me. It’s a course that can merge two apparently very distant worlds but that, owing to the growing digitization, are getting closer and closer. Besides this, I wished to be part of an engaging and modern environment, able to spur me on and inspire me in order to bring out the best in me.

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

The program is very broad and well structured. As for its strengths, I believe they were the high level of professionalism of the faculty and the wide scope of the program, able to range from the hard and simple computer programming to its application in financial services. Indeed, the course starts from the technical part linked to the IT world to reach, in the second semester, the purely financial world, and you can get an excellent economic-financial body of knowledge, even if you haven’t any relevant background. During the year, for most of the exams I sat, on top of the theory exam, also a Group Project was required. I believe all the projects I was a part of were an integral part of the course. Thanks to these projects I was able, week after week, to get to know my fellow students, new and different cultures and, working together, to see the final results after hours and hours of teamwork. Spending time studying with young people from other countries and even other continents, is what I will always carry with me and is also the main reason why I would recommend to undertake this experience that is educational, but also life experience.

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

As I mentioned in my reply to the previous question, BBS gives the opportunity to have innumerable contacts with all the students who study there, but the BBS Community isn’t just this. We’re all well aware that the significance of a university, of a master’s, is measured not only in terms of the training it provides to students but also the Network and Job Placement. Based on my personal experience, I can say that while searching for an internship, I was in contact a few times with the University Career Center and they’ve always been willing to help and meet all my needs. I received several job requests thanks to the wide BBS network, and I think it’s fundamentally important, if possible, to have the chance to choose among different opportunities when you approach the world of work.

Edoardo Yien – Italy

Master Full-time in Finance and Fintech – Class 2019/2020



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