E-commerce Manager

What is an E-commerce Manager?

E-Commerce Managers play a key role in companies. In fact, they have the delicate task of managing online sales. It is a stimulating profession that involves a number of responsibilities, ranging from the design and development of sales strategies, to the choice of objectives to be achieved. Those working as E-commerce Managers must be able to launch new services and products on the online market, as well as to monitor sales and follow product progress throughout the various phases (addition to the platform, customer orders, shipping).


What does an E-commerce Manager do?

So what does an E-commerce Manager actually do? Professionals in this position play a very delicate and important role. They are seen as the company’s online sales expert and are tasked, not only with monitoring sales, but also increasing them, pinpointing weaknesses and areas to be improved. It is no coincidence that their skills are increasingly in demand at multinationals, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, which can no longer neglect their online presence if they want to effectively reach their customers.

E-Commerce Managers perform a varied and interconnected range of tasks in essence, people in this role have the task of perceiving the digital market trends that allow the company to remain in step with the times and up-to-date with the latest developments. And all this has one specific purpose: to increase business.

In essence, E-Commerce Managers choose which products and services the company should sell online, organising web marketing campaigns in order to promote business, as well as preparing sales and monitoring performance indicators based on the company at hand.

It is undoubtedly a complex profession, and one that is guided by two primary factors: product type, which may or may not be suitable for the online market, and the digital world, which is constantly changing and demands continuous company updates.


How to become an E-commerce Manager?

After getting to grips with what E-commerce Managers actually do, and discovering just how stimulating and interesting the job can be, you may be asking yourself how to get your foot on the ladder? E-commerce Management courses are undoubtedly the best starting point for a successful career in any company. In order to be successful in this role, you need to be familiar with the world of economics and marketing, as well as SEO and social strategies.

E-commerce Management abilities are also closely linked to the world of web marketing. People in this role must be very familiar with traffic-generating channels and e-mail marketing campaigns. The role also requires mobile marketing and social media marketing skills.

A web design, programming or content marketing background can also be useful. This knowledge can be handy in order to effectively coordinate your team and get a better overview of your mission.

Finally, given that E-Commerce Managers tend to adopt a strategic, managerial role, they must be able to coordinate a team of people, manage problems and show character in difficult situations. They must also be able to relate to specialised suppliers such as photographers, logistics operators, but also programmers, SEO experts and customer support operators.


How much can an E-Commerce Manager expect to earn?

What is an E-Commerce Manager’s average salary? As has already been pointed out, specialists in this role are valuable assets to companies, which is why they can expect to earn a lot of money. As in all professions, excellent skills and a good CV are vital if you want to forge a good career. One of the variables that tends to influence salary is the sector in which the company operates. That said, those with 3 to 5 years of experience can expect to earn around €30,000 a year. The figure increases with more developed skills, reaching a salary of around €45,000 to €80,000 a year.


How a Master’s in Business Management/Retail Management and E-Commerce from BBS could help you to become an E-Commerce Manager

Bologna Business School offers a Full-Time Master’s in Business Management/Retail Management and E-Commerce that can help you access this fascinating profession. The course provides students with the necessary skills and tools to operate in companies and implement online sales strategies. These days, companies are looking for new business opportunities and often rely on people who can manage product categories as if they were companies within themselves.

E-Commerce Managers must have a good knowledge of the market, be able to set product prices and have a perfect mastery of marketing in order to clinch sales on various channels, integrating digital and analogue communication methods. The Bologna Business School Master’s course offers students the tools for this role and more, providing access to a dynamic and growing environment. The course lasts 12 months and combines theoretical classes with practical activities, offering direct engagement with retail leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. The course ends with a 600-hour internship at a company, as well as the completion of three one-month business projects, a longer six-month project.