On February 4, MBA Design Fashion and Luxury Goods students will visit Triennale Design Museum.

2 February 2015

We give to our students an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn in an active and stimulating way, being in direct contact with some of the works of art that mostly characterized the 20th century.

The seventh edition of Triennale Design Museum focuses its attention on self-production and on how this has been declined and approached throughout three crucial periods in history: the thirties, the seventies and the zero years.
The first part of the day will be entirely dedicated to the visit of the exhibition, where students will have the chance to admire a multifaceted selection of about 600 works by some of the most important authors of the last century.

The visit is been organized within the course “Industrial Design and Branding”, held by Professor Alessandro Bonfiglioli, who will teach a 3 hour class in the afternoon.

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