Doing business today: the entrepreneur as a change-maker

19 November 2019

The history books of the future will remember the 2000s for technological innovations on the one hand and the Great Economic Recession on the other. Two phenomena apparently in contradiction, but in reality strictly correlated, that led to reconsider the concept of entrepreneur.

Once the myth of the permanent job was over, business ideas come back as protagonists, thanks to the democratization of business opportunities and the emergence of new research fields.

An excellent idea is not enough to do business, but a different strategic approach is necessary like can demonstrate a nineteen-year-old in 2004 to revolutionize the communication by creating Facebook.

The modern entrepreneur is a change-maker that generates ideas create innovative projects, defining new roles and hierarchies. Structuring an entrepreneurial idea and planning the development of a project requires competences in constant becoming, which unite to a specific background an open and perceptive approach to the surrounding context.

The BBS Executive Master in Entrepreneurship combines the formation of a business school “with an entrepreneurial practice designed on the project” – as Executive Director Alessandro Bonfiglioli says, and trains entrepreneurs “who know how to create and develop successful business (…) leveraging on three elements: the motivation to create business, the possession of innovative and distinctive skills and access to networks ”– adds Academic Director Riccardo Fini.

Foresight and strategy, combined with the ability to question oneself: after all, successful entrepreneurs – said Yelp co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman, “are those who start from an idea but are ready to change it with the slightest warning”.


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