Discovering the World of Zanotti: The Experience of BBS Students

11 June 2024

The recent company visit by participants of the Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods at Bologna Business School to Zanotti offered a unique educational opportunity.

Students were taken directly into the heart of an Italian fashion accessory excellence. Giorgia Pagotto, one of the participants, shared her impressions and lessons learned during this exclusive experience.

“Entering the world of Zanotti was like immersing oneself in a microcosm of craftsmanship and innovation,” Giorgia enthusiastically recounted. “Each person within the company has a well-defined role and performs their work with incredible precision, demonstrating the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.”

Founded by Giuseppe Zanotti, the brand is renowned for its luxury footwear, ranging from sandals and pumps to sneakers and boots, as well as bags and accessories. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West have been spotted wearing his creations, which stand out for their bold and innovative design. “What impressed me the most was Zanotti’s ability to attract celebrity endorsements and the surprising collaborations he has developed over time,” Giorgia explained.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to closely observe elements of the new collection. Although specific details cannot be disclosed, Giorgia could not help but mention some of the most extraordinary creations. “The items made directly by Mr. Zanotti for international stars are unique. The Curve Jem shoes and the Hardware collection are simply unforgettable,” she said, adding that “Zanotti does not respond to market demands; he creates them.”

Another aspect that impressed the participants was the quality of the materials used. “We had the chance to touch the leathers and eco-leathers used for these wonderful shoes,” Giorgia said. This commitment to ensuring the highest quality materials ensures that every product meets the expectations of his customers.”

Zanotti’s commitment also extends to sustainability, another topic that sparked great interest among the visitors. “Incorporating sustainability into production processes is a winning move, and Zanotti is also proving to be a leader in this area,” Giorgia observed.

In conclusion, the visit to Zanotti offered Bologna Business School students a valuable opportunity to see firsthand how theory and practice can converge in the real world. “These experiences are essential for fully understanding business reality and helping participants better focus their search for internships and future jobs,” Giorgia concluded.

The experience at Zanotti left a lasting impression on the participants, once again confirming the importance of these partnerships in the educational path offered by the School.


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