Technology and Artisanal Expertise: The Ducati Company Visit in the Global MBA

19 April 2024

Company visits are  a fundamental part of in the Global MBA at Bologna Business School because they offer firsthand experience of the sector’s most dynamic and innovative contexts.

Mauricio Ayulo, one of the students in the course, shares the insights and intuitions gained during the visit to Ducati, an Italian icon known for its excellence in producing high-performance motorcycles.

What was the most significant aspect of your visit to Ducati as part of the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports?

The most remarkable aspect was seeing how Ducati integrates cutting-edge technology with Italian craftsmanship. Workers meticulously assemble the engines by hand, paying the utmost attention to detail. Not only does the product have the charm of artisanal work, but it also showcases the precision of high-end machinery. As a result, each engine seemed to have its own soul. This combination gives the product a distinctive exclusivity and a deep sense of heritage.

How do you think direct experience in a leading company like Ducati can enrich your motorsports preparation compared to a traditional academic approach?

Seeing Ducati’s production process firsthand gave me a deeper understanding of the challenges and considerations in high-performance motorcycle manufacturing. The meticulous attention to detail, combined with seamless teamwork and precision, is difficult to fully comprehend within an academic setting.

During your visit to Ducati, which aspect of the production process or company culture impressed you the most and why?

What truly amazed me about the production process was the significant number of young women assembling the engines. I had yet to anticipate such diversity, especially on the assembly line of a traditional motorcycle company. Our Ducati tour guide mentioned that the company had been actively working to increase female representation in the workforce over the past few years, and they have clearly succeeded.

How do you plan to apply the lessons learned from your visit to Ducati in your future career path?

The visit solidified my desire to work in the supercar and superbike industry. Witnessing Ducati’s meticulous approach to quality and its commitment to preserving its heritage in its core processes provided me with invaluable insights into how to enhance the brand value of a company.


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