Discovering Comecer: The Company Visit by Master’s Students in Business Management – Life Science and Medtech

17 June 2024

Exploring the innovation of a cutting-edge company is a valuable opportunity to understand how classroom theories can be transformed into operational reality, guiding businesses towards excellence.

Comecer is a global leader in the production of equipment and solutions for nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy, and advanced therapies (ATMP). Their mission is to improve quality of life through technological innovation and precision in production processes. This innovative company recently hosted a company visit for students of the Master’s in Business Management – Life Science and Medtech at BBS. The students had the chance to witness firsthand a “perfect integration of automation, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), essential for ensuring the efficiency and safety of the proposed solutions,” as described by Babaiah Ravolakollu, a Master’s participant who shared his reflections on the experience.

“What impressed me the most,” Ravolakollu explained, “was Comecer’s commitment to combining innovation with strong ethical values: two elements that reflect my professional goals.” The visit also highlighted how the advanced technologies used by Comecer are applicable in other sectors, such as healthcare and biotechnology, and how they can “improve workflow management and quality control, leading to better patient outcomes.” Additionally, by interacting with Comecer employees, the students recognized the importance of skills such as attention to detail, using new technologies, and adapting to regulations and customer needs.

“Company visits like the one to Comecer are crucial for understanding the direction I want to give my future career,” concluded Babaiah Ravolakollu. “They offer practical experience of the skills learned in the classroom and a vision of the latest technologies and innovations, helping me make informed decisions about my career path and remain competitive in the job market.”

This experience, therefore, provided students with a new perspective on how theory and practice can converge and gave them valuable tools to understand how they want to tackle the challenges of the contemporary job market and thus tailor their educational journey at BBS.


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