Deike Rickers:”BBS has been the challenge I hoped for”

5 March 2018

My name is Deike Rickers and I am a student of the Master in HR & Organization. I am 30 years old and I come from North Rhine-Westfalia in Germany. After an apprenticeship in the tourism industry and a few years of work experience at a big tour operator in Germany, I started my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and started working in a Recruitment Company while finishing my studies.

After 3 years, I felt that it was time for a new challenge. Since I have always had a crush on Italy, I searched for English Master Programs in order to combine a Full-time Master experience with living in a country I have always wanted to know better. Coming to Bologna, leaving my daily routine and my comfort zone behind, did cost me some courage, but I didn’t regret it any second. Also, because there was no time for regrets while participating in such a dynamic program.

Being together in Villa Guastavillani all day long was an intense experience. I don’t think I have ever had before the feeling of knowing people already for a lifetime, when in fact we knew each other for only a few weeks. Working together in the most absurd situations, keeping an eye on multiple deadlines, coordinating individual work, coping with additional project assignments and personal appointments was often tough (and sometimes funny), but it was the challenge I hoped to find.

I am convinced that everyone of us developed for the better during these months. Not only in time management and our own flexibility, but also in compromising, learning about other cultures, personal backgrounds and stereotypes. Taught by different and international professors, the modules were a mix of all the diverse aspects of HR and offered us a complex overview of organizational structures and their characteristics. This gave us the possibility to recognize our strengths and personal fields of interest, for trying to find an internship suiting these new insights.

I did my internship in the HR, Training & Development Department of the Airport of Bologna. Again, I found myself in a new environment, where I had the opportunity to learn about cultural differences and improve my language skills. But while dealing, struggling and developing with all this, I also had the possibility to follow recruiting processes, training sessions and to coordinate various international projects.

I am proud of our work and achievements as a group during the Master, but also grateful for the time I spent here and for my international working experience.


Deike Rickers (Germany) – HR Specialist, FAAC Simply automatic.

Master in HR & Organization, A.Y. 2017/2018


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