DAVIDE SARTINI – Executive Master in Sales and Marketing

9 December 2020

Davide Sartini, today Vice President Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL, a leading company in the packaging sector, attended the Executive Master’s in Sales and Marketing at BBS to enhance a high level educational path, focused on the search for new experiences and a constant in-depth study. In this interview, he tells us why a Master’s at BBS is an experience that doesn’t end with receiving a diploma.


Tell us about your professional path.

My professional path began when I was 18. I started at the bottom, as a farm worker, and at the same time I resumed my studies, which I’d had to interrupt because of financial difficulties. I can safely say I haven’t stopped studying since, always looking for new opportunities to improve myself and enhance my knowledge. I started taking evening classes when I was young, then I received my first university degree in Marketing from the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia. Then, over the years, I combined time studying abroad (Edinburgh, New York, Toronto) to a constant development of my career; I worked in sales and marketing and also held managerial roles with an international perspective. Today I’m the Vice President Sales & Marketing at UNIFILL, a leading company in the packaging sector, which I love defining as a «pocket-size multinational», as it is located in the Emilia Packaging Valley, but it also has subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and China.


Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

I chose Bologna Business School to take a further step in my training path for different reasons, starting from its prestige recognized globally and because of the presence of an important network made up of a top-class faculty. The possibility to attend key-note speeches of leading personalities in the Italian and international managerial scenario, makes what is already a remarkable experience from an educational point of view even more compelling for a manager. And then, the presence of key testimonials such as Emma Marcegaglia and Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, adds an additional merit, both human and professional, to the experience at BBS.


According to you, what are the strengths of the program?

What struck me the most in the 12 months of my experience at BBS was the perfect mix of theory and practice of the learning experience: the possibility to learn theories, also through the help of different statistical-mathematical models – from large multinationals to smaller and local companies – as well as the chance to apply these theories concretely in different scenarios. This opportunity to get in contact with various environments enabled me to develop diversified views, also based on the reference sector. All of this was made possible thanks to BBS, to the high level of its faculty and its program. I had the opportunity too of interacting with fellow managers that had medium-high profiles, coming from sectors different from mine. This last element is not something to be taken for granted, it was very inspiring for me, as I’m constantly in search of exchanges of views, opinions and ideas and sharing opportunities.


What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

I can say I’m proud I attended a master’s at BBS. I feel I’ve had a profound human and training experience. Three years after completing the master’s, I’m still in touch with some of my fellow students. Sometimes our conversations are, so to say, “playful”, as we’ve become very good friends. While on other occasions, our conversations focus on specific exchange of views on topics of interest for us, concerning the many nuances of the business world. I’m convinced that the possibility to exchange ideas starting from different viewpoints – as many as our professional fields – is the most interesting aspect: a legacy of our time at BBS. In a way, it’s as if the experience of the master’s continues over the years.


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