David Casani: “The experience at BBS has changed me for the best.”

8 January 2018

My name is David Casani and I am a student of the Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media for the Academic Year 2016/2017.


After the end of in-class lectures, I received a one-year internship offer from Intel Corporation in Munich, and I have been working here as a Marketing and Sales Intern since September 2017.


Let me just say that joining Bologna Business School has been a great experience and it completely changed my life for the best! Indeed, the Master program conceived by Bologna Business School offers a special combination of high quality academic education and project experiences with successful companies. In particular, my class and I received lectures from many experts in their fields, and we had the chance to work on projects that were promoted by the BBS Business Network.


During the course, I had the chance to follow inspiring lectures and meet other students and professionals who wished to learn and develop their skills and competencies. I worked with all of them in a challenging, dynamic, and multicultural think-tank environment, where we got the chance to refine our critical thinking skills.


By the end of the course in July last year, I obtained the right competencies to understand and manage some of the most innovative tools the techniques for improving the marketing communication processes of small, medium and large businesses.


When I lived in Bologna, furthermore, I did not miss the chance to experience the wonders that are offered by the city. The city center is breathtaking with its monuments, museums, and the “portici”. The food is delicious, the wine is really tasty, and the nightlife is exciting. So, go out and enjoy the city!


At last, but not least important, I would like to say “thank you for everything” to the professors and the staff of Bologna Business School, and to all the friends I have met during this journey.



David Casani – Rome

Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media – A.Y. 2016/17


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