Data as a Determining Element of Marketing

2 July 2024

In today’s marketing landscape, data is a determining factor. Information collected through various digital channels offers valuable insights: through “data-driven marketing” companies can optimize strategies and make decisions based on the analysis of a vast amount of information to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Data lets companies identify trends, consumer behaviours, and new business opportunities when properly processed and interpreted.

A well-known example of the effective use of big data is Amazon: the e-commerce giant uses advanced algorithms to analyze its customers’ purchasing habits, thus offering personalized suggestions that enhance the user experience and customer loyalty to the platform.

Data analysis also enables more precise market segmentation: in addition to demographic criteria such as age, gender, and income, interests and habits can now be considered.

Meta is a pioneer in this type of analysis and the relative targeting of advertising campaigns: Facebook and Instagram users are constantly monitored, and personalized marketing campaigns are derived from the analysis of their interactions with great precision.

User behaviour data can also be used to suggest content or even create new content: Netflix, thanks to algorithms and machine learning, not only recommends programs close to viewers’ habits but also structures the creation of new series and films based on these habits.

Furthermore, massive data analysis enables a form of marketing that is rapidly evolving today: predictive analytics. The goal is not just to optimize advertising campaigns but also to manage inventory and customer relationships.

Zara, a well-known fast fashion brand, uses this approach to quickly offer products in its stores that have received the most positive feedback from users, adapting to the market and even creating collections based on forecasts of what will be most appreciated by its customers.

The study of these advanced marketing strategies is the foundation of several study programs at Bologna Business School.

The Master in Marketing Management is a program that provides the necessary tools to understand and manage the two fundamental aspects of a company’s sales area: product and customer. Full-time, 12 months, in English, with the support of the international BBS network and Career Service, it tackles the world of commercial activities with an innovative method, capable of keeping up with a market that is more fluctuating than ever.

The Master in Marketing Management, specializing in Data Marketing and Analyticsfull-time, 12 months, in English language – aims to translate high-level skills in data analysis and digital culture into immediately applicable marketing strategies within companies.


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