Management of Global and Emerging Markets

2 September 2014

This course structure consists of select lectures and and three company projects.

LECTURES: In managing emerging markets, companies can have a systematic approach or one tied to specific opportunities. In this course, discussions will revolve around companies’ strategies in choosing new markets and commercial strategies.

COMPANY PROJECTS: The course also includes three one-month business projects. The project work is carried out in groups of 4-5 participants, starting with a company presentation by a manager from a partner company within the School’s network. The manager then presents the project theme to the groups. Throughout each project work, participants work with the guidance of tutors. At the end of the month, there is a meeting with the management and a presentation of the participants’ work. Evaluation is conducted by both the instructors and the management, aiming to assess both the originality of proposed managerial solutions and their practical feasibility and implementation in a real business context.

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