Corinne Mazurkiewicz, Global MBA “Thanks to BBS I have reached my professional objective”

1 July 2019

My name is Corinne Mazurkiewicz, I am a student from Toronto, Canada, and after my Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods I started an internship with L’Oreal Paris in their luxury products division.

Prior to coming to BBS, I worked in strategic marketing and communication for Budweiser Canada, and other high profile alcoholic beverage clients where I was developing national trade marketing campaigns. However, I knew that my passion was related to the luxury goods industry, particularly in the skin care sector: I strongly believe that the MBA at BBS developed me into a leader with a truly global perspective about business and management, for which I am grateful.

What attracted me to the Global MBA was the proximity to European luxury brands and the international perspective that comes from a diverse class represented by over 30 countries. The opportunity to work with my uniquely talented international classmates reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusion in teamwork. The group dynamic of projects enabled a diffusion of responsibilities and allowed me to get mutual benefit from other’s experience. Everyone’s unique experience added value to a given situation which collectively increased the overall value of the solution, as well as my experience at BBS.

For me, the most remarkable part of the masters is the opportunity to be taught by successful industry leading professionals, some of whom are CEO’s and Vice Presidents of major companies and conglomerates. BBS also offered additional leadership opportunities via off-campus visits to Italian design companies such as Campomaggi and exhibitions such as Piti and Mido, which broadened my knowledge outside of the classroom. I also had the honor to formally introduce a guest speaker and former professor, Alon Wolf, during an Innovation Talk. Prior to which his lessons deeply enriched my knowledge on digital transformation, new age industrial revolution and AI in the workplace.

The Global MBA at BBS has represented a fundamental step in my career path, which will allow me to join a dynamic industry with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. My advice to future Global MBA students would be to take full advantage of all the career services, company visits, and innovation talks held by the school as they all contributed to my knowledge outside my core interests of strategic marketing and luxury goods. This, combined with my colleagues and caring faculty have made the past year one with the most immersion, self-awareness and growth.

My short term goals are to gain more exposure in international markets within the luxury skin care sector. To achieve this I will aim to pursue a geographic rotational program where I could continue my career in marketing but in changing dynamic global markets. Long term, I aspire to return to Canada in a leadership position as a global manager, bridging what I have learned in Europe and abroad, and implementing global best practices.



Corinne Mazurkiewicz – Canada

Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods – Class of 2018/2019


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