Conscious Protagonists of the Future: A New Edition of BBS’s Global MBA Kicks Off

27 September 2023

September 20 marked the beginning of a new journey for over thirty-five international students who participated in the official kick-off of the 16th edition of the Global MBA at Bologna Business School.

The day was characterized by the welcome message from the Program Director, Prof. Marcello Russo. In his speech, Prof. Russo outlined the vision of the Master’s program and the innovations of this new edition, designed to offer an increasingly rich and complete educational experience of exceptional quality. “The Global MBA received a five-year accreditation from EFMD last February, a prestigious recognition enjoyed by only a few programs worldwide,” said the Director. He also highlighted the program’s strengths: “Rigor and academic excellence, focus on relevant societal issues like sustainability and new technologies, a rich ecosystem of stakeholders, and strong participation from the industry in all phases of the program’s design and delivery.”

One of the most significant innovations of this edition is the introduction of the “alter ego” project. Each course will have a primary instructor and their “alter ego,” a prominent professional in the relevant field with international experience and engagement on critical societal issues. This approach will offer students a practical and applied perspective on some of the concepts developed in the classroom, allowing them to understand how theories and concepts are applied in the real world, along with their implications and limitations.

Making the event even more engaging was the roundtable discussion titled “A More Egalitarian Society: Dialogue Between Science and Practice,” featuring a panel composed of Cristina Bowerman, Michelin-starred Chef and BBS lecturer; Mikhail Masleniikov, Researcher and Political Consultant for Oxfam Italy; and Esther Kim, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California and expert in learning and inclusion techniques. In the afternoon, students met Industry Leaders from various fields connected to the Global MBA tracks, such as Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports, and Food and Wine. Among the speakers were Angelo Manaresi and Alberto Festa for Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods; Federico Munari for Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports; and Ludovica Leone for Food and Wine. The day concluded with a visit to the Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo) in Bologna, where Director Lorenzo Balbi led a discussion on the city’s role in promoting culture and the cultural and artistic opportunities available to Bologna Business School students during their year in this dynamic and opportunity-rich city.

In the following days, activities such as the Climate Fresk Challenge, a tour of Bologna, and a Lego Serious Play session took place—actions aimed at providing a complete educational experience and a preview of what awaits the students in the coming months. Guided by Prof. Russo’s words: “What does it mean to be a student of the Global MBA at Bologna Business School? It means understanding one’s responsibilities and immediately realizing the enormous contribution each student can make to our society to create a world that offers more opportunities and less inequality for all global citizens. It also means learning to enjoy this unforgettable experience and this significant moment that will change your lives in a way you may not always be able to imagine. It will be a positive change.”


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