Company visit to leading ice cream maker Carpigiani

8 July 2014

An excellent extracurricular experience for the students of the Master in Administration, Finance and Control meeting Carpigiani managers.

8 July the students of the Master in Administration, Finance and Control at BBS made a company visit to Carpigiani, Bolognan world leader in the sector of machines for artisan ice cream making.
The students met the CFO, Dr. Aldovini and the HR Director, Dr. Morisi. Aldovini presented and explained the corporate structure and the international context that Carpigiani operates in, while Morisi educated the students on the commitments of Carpigiani Ice Cream University, a renowned ice cream school founded by the company itself. Interacting with high level managers of the company allowed the students to directly experience notions and topics they had learned in the classroom during the preceding months – concepts which they now saw materialise in the inner workings of Caprigiani’s corporate organisation, a company which stands as an example of Italian excellence.

Carpigiani, today, is a large international enterprise which comprises 10 commercial branches, 220 distributors and a network of over 500 assistance centres around the world.

The visit concluded in the sweetest manner possible: a sampling of the ice cream served by master artisans of the Ice Cream University. The school, the most famous in the world of its kind, was founded a decade ago with the ambition of creating new entrepreneurs in the sector as well as spreading and educating on the making of fresh high quality ice cream. At the head office in Bologna, the international branches and local distributors, more than 30 expert multilingual teachers provide over 300 courses in the making of ice cream, pastries, chocolate as well as courses in marketing and communication.



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