Company visit in Ducati: the word to our participants

18 February 2020

“I chose to continue my training in Italy for excellence, passion and beauty: the company visit at Ducati was a sort of mini-tour of this experience”, says Manushak Melkumyan, Armenian student of the Global MBA Supercars , Superbikes and Motorsports.

An important moment for those professionals who have decided to specialize in the automotive sector and who have been able to get to know one of the most important brands in the Motor Valley for which Italy is known all over the world.

“There are few companies where it is possible to meet people so passionate about their work – continues the student – and so enthusiastic about transforming their passion into beauty and perfection: because Ducati is this, much more than a product”.

The students, accompanied by Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s Chief Brand Diversification Officer and professor of the Business Strategy course, first visited the factory to learn about the brand’s production processes, then the Ducati Museum, a journey through the myth that traces the 90 years of the company, from the first road bike of 1946 to today.

In a second moment, they were able to deepen the brand awareness of the brand, thanks to the meeting with Patrizia Cianetti, Marketing Director of Ducati Motor Holding and Alumna BBS. In the company since 2006, Patrizia Cianetti has shared with our students how important it is that every single customer feels part of the Ducati world.

“The marketing profession is entirely directed towards the outside world and accessing relationships, stimuli, innovation and contamination is an essential component of the role” – she said in an interview with the Community.

“At the end of the tour – Manushak concludes – I was really looking forward to hearing, touching, experiencing what I had seen build, and when we approached the final preparation phase, I felt that each of these ‘creations’ had its own character and it was meant for a certain person”.


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