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15 June 2022

The BBS Professional Master Business Management has achieved excellent placement (more than 90% six months after the end of the Master) and participation (classes from 20 to 50 students) rates.

One of the reasons for this success is the extracurricular activities that Professor Angelo Manaresi, the Master’s Scientific Director, and Professor Barbara Lorenzini, marketing expert and Master’s lecturer, complemented the classical lessons of a high-profile Master’s course.

The innovation behind the Master’s program is the Company Project Work: three real cases to work on, lasting four weeks each, between the months of May, June and July, which lead students to immerse themselves in work and business. Prestigious companies invite the students to work on a real case assigned to them. Four weeks later, the results of the group work are presented in front of company executives.

This concept allows students to get inside companies already during the training year; to understand their mechanisms, to work directly on real cases. Three cases in three months, three working groups and three presentations lead to the development of skills that are essential in the world of work: soft skills such as public speaking, negotiation, strategy formulation and their presentation go hand in hand with the opportunity to come into direct contact with executives of companies that could become partners or destinations of one’s internship.

For the MADE IN ITALY track, the kick-off of the II project was given by Montenegro, on the topic of sustainability.

Apam Moondra, Innovation Manager Bonomelli, and Marta Arcieri, Brand Manager Bonomelli, presented the company challenge to the students: to create a sustainable customer experience proposal. After introducing the Montenegro group, focusing on the Food area, the two managers talked about the brands Bonomelli, Cannamela, Cuore, and then moved on to the assignment of the project work to the students: to propose a sustainable customer experience. No focus, therefore, on the company, on what it does for sustainability, but everything focused on the consumer, on what he or she perceives in terms of the brand’s sustainability. The students are asked to study the case history (mapping multi-product FMCG brands), develop an activation proposal, find the touchpoint (store, e-commerce, social-networks), create a communication plan. The challenge: to combine the pressure for ecological and social sustainability with the consumer’s requests (product availability, delivery). Students will have to study the competitors, the Italian market in relation to that of other countries, the costumer journey to capture the key moments in which the consumer comes into contact with the company. All this in order to develop a proposal for a sustainable omnichannel/business retail customer experience.

An exciting challenge that in four weeks allows the students of the Master of Business Management, track Made in Italy to apply the knowledge of management, design, creativity and economic rationality, together with their passion for style, to their presentations.

In addition to the Project Works, there are the MGIncontri: appointments at the end of the lessons with executives from corporations, alumni presenting their start-ups, companies telling their stories. Informal meetings, which are intended to be away from the university lecture halls and open, to trigger the most innovative ideas, to make people think with different and transversal approaches.

In addition, another individual cross-curricular Project Work will run alongside the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the study year: the simulation of creating a start-up. Defining its goals and objectives, setting out its operative guidelines and, at the end of the year, presenting a real Business Plan is a further challenge for the students of this Master’s course.

The Professional Master Gestione d’Impresa – Business Management is an all-round job, transforming a University Master’s course into a concrete path of individual growth, aimed to practicality and direct contact with the working world, with one major objective: to quickly get in touch with the job one has always dreamed of.


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