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15 June 2022

Monday, June 7th at the Villa Guastavillani, a meeting was held between the students of the BBS Professional Master Gestione d’Impresa – Business Management, track Life Sciences and MedTech, and Medtronic, a biomedical company that develops innovative technological solutions for healthcare and the most difficult pathologies to treat, for the closing of the second unit of the Master’s Company Project Work.

Emiliano Cerritelli, Country Sales Manager, and Mauro Mantovani, Product Manager, with Gianluca Cassano, Europe Marketing Pelvic Health & Gastric Therapies, have listened to the conclusions of the two working groups on the topic assigned four weeks ago: creating a digital campaign to increase the visibility among doctors of the Interstim II System, a biotechnological product pioneering in the resolution of urinary and faecal incontinence problems.

Both groups worked according to a schedule, starting with the definition problem and moving on to digital strategy, competitor analysis and then conclusions. The groups, following two different approaches, provided insights that were highly appreciated by the Medtronic executives: in addition to the quality of the presentations, the extensive work done, the high level of market and social network analysis, and the capacity for innovative and interesting approaches were highlighted.

The challenge for Medtronic is in the complexity of the subject itself. This particular focus was targeted by the students, who admitted the obstacles they found during their work but were able to break the deadlock by proposing ideas that the company appreciated and will bring ‘in house’, to continue working on what will soon become a real marketing campaign.

The company will also choose one of the students to complete their internship at Medtronic.

The strength of the Company Project Work for the Professional Master Business Management is right here, in an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant: bringing companies to BBS to present real projects that the company wants to work on. Not real cases to be studied or hypothetical services to be imagined, but a concrete project that companies have the opportunity to present to students who aspire to work in that very sector. From the other side, students get to work for real, being able to develop indispensable skills such as public speaking, negotiation, strategy formulation, and presentation, testing themselves on a project to be managed in its entirety as if it were already their own work.

They have the opportunity to get in touch with market leaders, possible future partners, or locations for their internship; to manage a challenge, finding solutions to be presented to companies. Three Project Works in three months, three teams and three presentations, means learning what then happens in the company, already entering the working world from a privileged door.

Alongside the Company Project Work, there are other extracurricular initiatives such as the MGIncontri, another extra-curricular activity organized by Professor Lorenzini and offered to the Master’s students: informal meetings, which are intended to be far from the university lecture halls and imagined as free as if held at a bar desk, where, between a cheers and a chat, the most innovative ideas can be born, where it is easier to learn to think out of the box.

The very high placement rate (more than 90% six months after the end of the Master) and the equally high participation (classes from 20 to 50 students) prove the success of the idea. Lectures, Project Work, MG Meetings, plus an additional individual Project Work that runs throughout the year and simulates the creation of a start-up, for which a real Business Plan is presented at the end of the course: this is the plan for a year that condenses theoretical and practical knowledge like no other higher education course.

The BBS Professional Master Gestione d’Impresa – Business Management turns top-level training into an incubator of professional skills, to be immediately introduced to the world of work.


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