Companies Meet Professional Master’s Students at BBS

3 July 2024

One of Bologna Business School’s distinctive elements is the connection between the academic and business worlds, as demonstrated by the recent company presentations from two major entities: the United Nations and Accenture. Dedicated to the students of the Professional Masters, these presentations highlight the effectiveness of BBS’s network and the quality of its collaborations and the companies’ willingness to meet today’s leaders of tomorrow.

“Company presentations are just one of the many activities implemented by the Career Services Office at BBS, which supports Professional Master’s students through a series of actions to prepare them for the job market,” explains Andrea Zani, Head of Career Services at Bologna Business School. “Through a personalized career development program and a dedicated internship program that follows classroom teaching, the office helps students build their professional paths.” Among the initiatives offered by Career Services are practical activities such as writing a resume and cover letter, one-on-one orientation meetings, and seminars on tackling job interviews and preparing for the market. These services are designed to provide students with the necessary tools to excel in their professional journeys.

The connection with businesses is fundamental for the School, which can count on a consolidated network of over 500 companies collaborating with the School on various levels, including career placement. The aim is to develop a professional national and international network for students, promoting Italian excellence globally. The mission of BBS to support the local and national business ecosystem in the search and training of new talent is reflected in the numerous active collaborations. Events like the company presentations from UN and Accenture offer students concrete opportunities to connect with high-level entities, enriching their educational journey and opening doors to future professional opportunities.



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