Claudio Betti, Master in Data Science and Business Analytics

10 February 2021

Claudio, today Business Analytics Specialist at IConsulting, chose the Master in Data Science and Business Analytics at Bologna Business School because he was fascinated by a vision that leads the IT consultant to a higher level, i.e., a strategic figure for the correct resolution of the problems encountered in the reality in which they’re active. In this article, he tells us his professional story and his experience at BBS.

My professional career started quite early. Whilst attending University, I had already collaborated with accounting and employment consulting firms. These opportunities made me understand that what I wished to do was to work in the field of consulting: it’s an environment where you need to keep on studying the topic, you’re directly in contact with people, trust-based relationships are formed, and often project-based ones. I’m currently working for an IT consulting company in the field of management technologies and data analysis, in the Bologna area.

The need to attend a Master’s emerged when I realized that my three-year university course had been a good knowledge base, but that I needed to apply what I had learnt in operational contexts and concrete cases to encounter the labor market in the best possible way. Also, I intended to apply this knowledge to an industry that would nurture my curiosity, like data analytics. BBS offered the perfect Master’s at the right time, thus giving me the chance to access the Data Science world through a wide range of topics, with teachings by high level experts, specialists, and entrepreneurs, in a context that rewards initiative and entrepreneurship.

The strength of the Master in Data Science and Business Analytics at BBS is precisely in the ideal view of the Data Scientist. At BBS, this figure isn’t merely an IT and statistical expert, but also a figure able to understand the corporate environment they work in, to find strategic solutions to complex problems, and to have the ability of presenting them synthetically, clearly, and convincingly. This is achieved through a candidate selection open not just to graduates in technical and scientific disciplines, but also in the economic field and the humanities, and also introducing Data Mining and Business Intelligence modules, as well as Performance Management and Data Storytelling ones.

I’m currently still expanding my knowledge in the field of Big Data and I’m trying to overcome all of my technical shortcomings. Working in this sector, you inevitably deal with engineers and other professionals who have a significant technical baggage: this may entail communication difficulties, which must be overcome, in order to understand each other and work together in a fruitful way. In the long term, like many others, I’d like to leave the pandemic, which badly affected us all, behind, in the best possible way, collecting the best ideas to restart and recover.

To a new BBS student, I’d suggest getting the best from the human experience and the people the Master’s is made of. I’d also suggest to always have one more question ready for the professors, who enthusiastically give you explanations, solutions, and advice, with passion and competence. Also, to take an active part in the initiatives connected to the Master’s, as they’re devised to foster the exchange of ideas, continuous information and contact with enterprises from around the world. Most of all, I suggest they forge ties with their colleagues, to be an active member in the Community, because the study fields of every subject matter are endless and teamwork is fundamental to achieve good results, and it’ll be so even after the end of the Master’s.


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