Chiara Longo, MBA Part-time Weekend

13 October 2020

Today Chiara Longo is Communication Coordinator – HUB Europe & Africa at Ferrari. A dream that has come true also thanks to the MBA Part-time Weekend at BBS, which helped her gain the comprehensive corporate vision she was seeking, to be able to grow professionally, but also from a personal point of view. In this interview, she tells us her story.

Tell us about your professional career.

After the Master’s degree in Business Communication at the La Sapienza University of Rome in 2007 and, thanks to a thesis on the use of new technologies at the service of business communication I completed at Ducati, I had the chance to do an internship in the Marketing area in Borgo Panigale. After the internship, I was appointed Digital Marketing Specialist, taking care not only of the contents but also of the communication strategies through all web channels – from the official website to the social channels through the apps, also tackling their technological development. I learnt a lot from that experience, it enabled me to grow professionally and also as a person. Then I became Events & Community Manager, managing all the experience activities that Ducati offers his customers. At the end of 2019, I decided to seize an interesting opportunity that led me from the two to the four wheels, so to say. The color red, the Italian and sports character and a great passion, are the shared elements: Ferrari, with a post as Communication Coordinator for Europa & Africa. A big, important challenge that is enabling me to continue growing and to put me to the test in a new environment.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

Growing professionally means starting to deal with bigger, more complex people, situations, and projects, that require an overarching corporate view. You start feeling the need to know why things happen, which processes and evaluations are at the basis of company choices, even ones that are not necessarily connected to your role, hence the almost natural need to expand my knowledge to have an outlook that could go beyond mere day-to-day business. I started considering which higher education course of study could suit me and I identified the MBA Executive Master’s as the right answer to my needs. A complete pathway that enables you to have a comprehensive corporate vision: precisely what I was looking for.

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

Classroom sessions with high-profile professors, who have not only a university level teaching background but also a corporate or consulting background. Courses and programs are structured to gain a comprehensive, but most of all, practical view of the topics that are dealt with, thanks to the analysis of business case-studies. A class full of diverse people and backgrounds, rich from a personal and professional point of view, with whom to exchange views on a daily basis, work in teams and also have fun, at the right time. Comprehensive paths for every study field, that you can further analyze at home using a rich and functional digital platform. Workshops and valuable guest-speakers: all of this within a very high-level context.

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

Joining the BBS world enables you not only to establish human and professional relationships that enrich you and stay with you during the course and after it ends, but also to join a committed and inspiring environment made of events, conferences and initiatives that help you keep your attention on many topical business issues and aspects. Constant opportunities for exchange and many opportunities for discussion, also thanks to digital tools, like the forum, made available by BBS. A marvelous world to step into and where to stay to grow up.

Chiara Longo – Italy

MBA Part-time Weekend – Class 2018/2019


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