Centomani, di questa terra. The BBS Global MBA Food and Wine meets the excellence of the territory

13 April 2018

The discovery of new tastes, the encounter with the quality production chain and the comparison with the professionals of the sector: these are the main ingredients used to create a day dedicated to the excellence of the territory, in the evocative location of Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Zibello (PR). Centomani, di questa terra (hundred hands of this land), is the name of the event held last April 9, during which the students of the Global MBA in Food and Wine were able to meet the producers, learn about the procedures and discover the agri-food chains for a 360-degree sensory experience. A great feast of taste, but above all an opportunity of confrontation and sharing of values ​​among 50 producers, 50 great Chefs of the region and illustrious Italian and international guests.


“Being here today is an important opportunity for us to get to know, up close and out of classrooms, the production processes that are behind the high quality products of this territory, an example of a winning union between respect for tradition and innovation. We have had the opportunity to participate to a 100% Italian experience,” say enthusiastically the BBS students, who spent the day discussing with individual exhibitors, in order to understand their products and methods of processing raw materials.


Centomani is an annual event promoted by CheftoChef, the cultural association that brings together the best chefs and food&wine producers in Emilia Romagna. The year of Italian food is the theme that characterized the 2018 edition, enriched by the presence of an international guest, the director of the Basque Culinary Center, Jo Aizega, and his meeting with three representatives of the world of education: Max Bergami, Dean of Bologna Business School, Luca Govon, lecturer at the International School of Italian Cuisine and Andrea Fabbri, professor of the University of Parma.


“The dishes,” explains Massimo Spigaroli, president of the CheftoChef association, “tell about current events, values ​​and challenges for the future. Our goal is to transmit ideas and pass on the knowledge, through an event attended by the great protagonists of this sector.” Chefs and masters of taste are at the same time custodians and innovators of that know-how that represents, in our country as well as abroad, the excellence of Made in Italy. The dialogue with the world of education is therefore an essential component of the integration between the high professionalism of the Food and Wine sector, the territory and the final consumer.


Centomani, welcomes different people with different traditions and shows the beauty of our country through the work of those who, every day, passionately transforms raw produces into an experience.


An event dedicated to tradition, where you can enjoy tomorrow’s food.


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