BPER Banca for the Full-time Master’s course in Business Management: a scholarship for the best project work.

2 March 2021

For the third consecutive year, BPER Banca offers a scholarship that will be awarded to the best of the project works proposed by the participants in the Full-time Master’s course in Business Management. Sabrina Bianchi, Brand & Marketing Communication Manager at BPER Banca, explains how BPER’s commitment to support BBS’ young talents came to be.

The final project work, which starts in January and ends in July, is a key element in the pathway of the Full-time Master’s course in Business Management. It takes place in collaboration with the partner companies and it’s a demanding challenge, to be dealt with in a team, the aim being to put in place a business plan to meet the standard of a high-profile working group. 

A challenge on which, for the third consecutive year, BPER Banca has decided to bet, awarding a €2,000 worth scholarship to the team that will realize the most interesting project. The commission that will judge the projects also includes Sabrina Bianchi, Brand & Marketing Communication Manager at BPER Banca.


Mrs. Bianchi, how did the collaboration with BBS start and why did the bank choose to award a scholarship precisely to the young participants in the Master’s course in Business Management?

Our pay-off is Vicini.Oltre le attese (Close. Beyond Expectations). In these three words we find the summary of our positioning and from there we start every day to carry out our job, in the respect of our corporate mission. We’re a Bank that believes that to grow you need to be side by side with people, for this reason supporting young talents’ training is for us a part of our mission. The Scholarship we award to the participants in the Master’s course in Business Management at BBS goes precisely in this direction, as we’re convinced that our contribution will enhance the collective heritage of knowledge. I myself am an Alumna of the School and it’s thanks to the high quality of the training received through the Master’s at BBS, that I was able to grow professionally and establish myself as a manager in a leading enterprise such as BPER Banca. 


According to you, which are the most important characteristics nowadays for a young person taking their first steps into the world of work and which are the industries that offer the best possibilities of access, for someone who attended a Master’s such as this one?

Today more than ever it’s necessary to be prepared, to delve deeper into topics, to become experts and competent. Furthermore, besides the technical knowledge it’s crucial to acquire a methodology because the world of work requires first of all the ability to adapt to the situations to be proactive and purposeful. The industries that today offer more possibilities of access are definitely those that have a high-Tech content, that is the industries in which technology and process/product innovation are relevant. I believe it’s very important to develop marketing 4.0 skills to work for B2B companies, besides customer journey, marketing automation and evolved CRM logics design skills. Still, without neglecting the humanities side of marketing, which is necessary to combine technical skills with a wider cultural depth, indispensable to define real value figures.


The Master’s course in Business Management is a constantly evolving path, in close contact with companies, addressed to new graduates to project them into the world of work with all the necessary skills to be able to make the difference. Food & Wine, Green Management and Sustainable Businesses, Life Sciences and MedTech, Made in Italy, Made in Italy for International Students, Asian Markets, Retail Management and E-Commerce, Tourism, Heritage and Events are the tracks that enhance and make this pathway unique, being able to focus it towards the industry one is more interested in. To know more, please check the masters’ information sheets.



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