Bologna – First for quality of life

14 December 2022

The province of Bologna, home of Bologna Business School, returns to the top of national rankings on quality of life. Among its most highly-rated features are education, services, and innovation.

This is the fifth time Bologna tops the rankings in the 33 editions of the Il Sole 24 Ore Quality of Life Survey held thus far. The research has, as every year, examined all Italian provinces, finally awarding the podium to Bologna, Bolzano, and Florence. The province of Bologna returns to first place in the rankings after two years, thanks to a high level of education, aided in part by the presence of the oldest University in the Western world, efficient services, investment in new technologies, and a vital and cohesive social community in which wealth and welfare go hand in hand.

“Bologna’s secret is the certainty of a high level of social and cultural well-being, guaranteed by a city that is small if measured by its 400,000 inhabitants, but open to the world because it is an international crossroads,” Mayor Matteo Lepore told Il Sole 24 Ore about the city. And it was precisely Mayor Lepore, on the occasion of the 2022 Reunion, who involved BBS Alumni in a Hackathon for a project dedicated to innovation, titled Bologna City of Knowledge and aimed at reiterating the city’s openness to technology and to the future. This openness also shows in the investments in the area already known as Data Valley, home to Leonardo, the fourth fastest computer in the world.

In short, this is a victory that is not surprising but still exciting, because it allows Bologna and its province to climb back up an impressive five places in comparison to the 2021 ranking, and shows that the direction taken by the territory, including the School, is the right one. BBS is an international reality, with the unique feature of being deeply rooted in its territory. What creates a special bond is not only its proximity to businesses and the University but also its clear desire to make a difference in the community. For Bologna Business School’s master program participants, it is essential to gain awareness of the social value implicit in the role of businessmen and women, who can and must become a guide for their community. With the new Campus, moreover, it will be even easier to create spaces where Alumni, students, faculty, and friends of the School can meet and grow new ideas and projects.


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