9 June 2017

The prestigious EPAS accreditation was awarded yesterday in Berlin by the European Foundation for Management Development to the Master in Human Resources and Organization.

Bologna Business School joins the Olympic of management education in human resources with the awarding of the EPAS international accreditation to the Master in Human Resources and Organization. Only 7 master on this topics worldwide obtained the EPAS Accreditation and this is the result of the collaboration between the University of Bologna, the University of Ferrara and the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia. The master course led by Professor Gabriele Morandin in the last two years has brought students from over 30 countries to study in Bologna. At the end of the Master, participants find a professional placement mainly at the human resource department of medium and large companies in Italy and abroad.

A quality label issued by the EFMD – the world’s most important business school accreditation body – EPAS aims to assess, according to international standards, the quality of corporate and management programs with a global perspective to certify its level of excellence in not only in terms of organization but also academic precision and practical relevance.

Moreover, a wide range of aspects is considered for each of the examined programs, including the institutional context in which it is incorporated, the expected learning objectives, the design process, including the assessment of stakeholder requirements – particularly students and employers , the originality and coherence of the didactic approach, the institution’s resources to support it, and the adequacy of the faculty providing the program and the link with the business, the training of the teaching staff and the professional growth of the former participants .

“It is unnecessary to hide the pride and satisfaction of receiving the second EPAS award confirming the constant dedication and profound commitment that our professors apply to the development of school programs, activities and values,” says Massimo Bergami, Dean of Bologna Business School. “We see people and organizations increasingly finding BBS in a context in which to interact, exchange experiences and learn, with the aim of grasping the challenges of the economy and contemporary society. This recognition is not a point of arrival but a launch pad: we will continue to invest with passion and commitment to serve people and businesses from Emilia-Romagna. ”

“The Master in Human Resources and Organization is the primary objective of training young graduates interested in understanding and addressing the organizational problems of businesses operating in new multicultural contexts,” says Professor Gabriele Morandin, Director of the Master in Human Resources and Organization, Concluding: “EPAS is also an asset for a business school of our level, and it is also a valuable ingredient for our participants’ curriculum, which in this way finds even greater opportunities in terms of employability.”



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