Are you a BBS Alumnus or Alumna?
Tell us where you are and what BBS means to you!

In which way has BBS influenced your life and your job?
Has BBS helped you to develop your passion? Or your own company? Or to travel around the world? Has it brought new friends and collegues in your life? Or a soul mate?

Tell us! Describe where you live, what you do and how BBS has changed your life through a short video or picture.
You will receive a nice gift to the address you provide.

BBS team will select the most creative, different and interesting videos and photos to create a surprise which will be discovered on the 1st of July, during the 2016 Graduation.


You can choose to either shoot a short video or take a picture that represents you. You must be present in the video or picture.

The video has to be short and tell how BBS has changed your life. Show us where you live, where you work and anything you think it is important. In the video, tell us what BBS means to you.
Note: If you make the video with a stills camera or mobile phone, please shoot horizontally and record with the highest possible quality settings. If you can choose, select the .h264 format (mpeg or quicktime)


You can either take a selfie or have someone take a picture of yo in which it is visible a meaningful glimpse of your city, the place where you work or the place that best represents what BBS has meant for you.
Note: Please shoot the pictures horizontally and record with the highest possible quality settings.

                                              posizione cellulare_orizzontale       posizione cellulare_sbagliata

Follow these simple instructions and you will receive a gift.

1) Shoot the video or picture and save it on your computer.

2) Download the form HERE and fill it to participate to the Challenge.
You can fill it directly with your computer, you don’t need to print it.

3) Go to and follow the steps to send the material:

  • Select your video or picture, the completed form in pdf and click on Continue.
  • Add your e-mail address in the Enter your e-mail address field
  • Add the e-mail in the The recipient’s e-mail address field and click on Continue
  • In the field Enter a subject, please write down “BBS Alumni be with us”
  • In the field Write your message, please write your name, surname and the city of residence and click on Send
  • will send you a confirmation e-mail to the email address you used.


Entries must be sent by June 12th 201, h:23.59 (GMT +1h)


Be with us!