4 July 2014

Boss, guide, commander, expert… a Master isn’t just a leader, but above all a champion capable of evaluating the talents of others. Our programme shape and mould young masters, competitive and aware of the responsibilities that their role entails.

Bologna Business School has the objective of training a new generation of international managers who can contribute to the development of companies  worldwide, with particular attention to small and mid-sized businesses, who require managers with sophisticated levels of competence, while simultaneously being capable of fully understanding the dimensional and organisational characterstics of the business.

It is a challange which not only the University faces, but also other partnering Founders (Profingest, Carisbo Foundation and Guglielmo Marconi Foundation), but which involves the entire industrial world as well as national territories. The competitiveness of the economical system will always depend on the presence of adequate human resources, capable of taking on the new challenges of globalisation.

In order to evaluate the know-how of its partners and the institutions in question, BBS has created a strong network and a solid collaboration with major Italian companies, market leaders in their respective sectors. Integration with the companies is a high priority for the School and an aspect shaping all its Master programmes. Bologna Business School is constantly working towards combining the needs of the industry and professional projects of the students to the best extent possible.

Creating employability is an aspect to which BBS dedicates its utmost efforts and resources, by means of systematic actions promoting career development. Furthermore, Alma offers the members of the Business Network access to cutting-edge research and the most advanced business solutions. At the same time, Alma is able to convey new resources for the developing knowledge. By means of this relationship, which generates mutual benefit, the Business Network contributes towards realising the mission of Alma:Developing new knowledge, offering the local economic system advanced competence while encouraging the adoption and application of research results.


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