#BBSReunion – Remembering 2012

26 June 2015

Waiting for the 2015 #BBSReunion, we recover some photos from the previous editions.
During the 2012 Reunion
, entitled Back to making stuff,  the whole Community of BBS fundraised more than 37.000 euros to help the schools nearby Modena, damaged by the Emilia earthquake. The voluntary contributions collected were used with to provide psychological support to overcome the trauma of the earthquake, to supply classes with multimedia dashboards, to organize courses of English and drama workshops. The main event of that year was the panel discussion ” A third industrial revolution ” with Giorgio Squinzi, President of Confindustria, Romano Prodi, President of the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation, and Gary Pisano, professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

BBS Reunion 2012, bologna business School former Alma Graduate School
 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3130 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3224 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3345 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3504

Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3512 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3834 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3863 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3868 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_3976

Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_4029 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_4049 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_4156 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_4302 Reunion-BBS-2012_IMG_4304


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