BBS New York Alumni Get Together | A Gathering with the Future

27 November 2023

Meeting the people who have been with us along the way is always a thrilling experience, brings back memories of shared moments, and creates the groundwork for future projects. The BBS New York Alumni Get Together event, held last November 16 in Manhattan, was therefore a very significant moment for the BBS Community.

Faculty and executive participants had the opportunity to meet in New York with Alumni who have attended BBS master’s programs in the past, running through together the stages of an educational journey that was not only an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge but also an opportunity to build bonds and get involved in the perspective of continuous improvement. An excellent opportunity to empower the ideas of Alumni now moved to the U.S. through the discussion and the formation of the New York Chapter of the BBS Alumni Association.

The School once again confirms its international attitude, with initiatives aimed at involving people and companies from all over the world. Through the exchange of ideas, ways of thinking, and creating value, the BBS Community wants to be concretely an innovative and gathering driver for the growth of all the individuals who are part of it.


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