19 July 2023


On June 8, in the Bologna Business School classrooms, the Kick Off of the II Company Project Work for students of the Professional Master in Business Management, track Tourism, Heritage and Events was held.

Stefano Soglia, tourism services marketing consultant and lecturer at BBS, presented the project to which the class, divided into working groups, will have to work in the next 4 weeks.

Company Project Work, the peculiarity of the BBS Professional Master in Business Management directed by Professor Angelo Manaresi, is a curricular activity that puts students in contact with companies. Four weeks to manage a real case proposed by a company under the supervision of the Master’s professors, a teamwork that simulates corporate life and an opportunity to meet directly managers and executives who could become their references since the internship. An opportunity to develop skills and a powerful personal network.

The challenge proposed by Professor Stefano Soglia is complex and exciting. The topic: Pisa, not just a tower.

The work of the study groups, created in the classroom and who had to elect a team leader who will relate to the professor, will have to lead to the production of a report (max 30 pages) and a presentation (max 25 minutes), following 4 steps on a weekly basis. The first meeting will be used as a tutoring session: students will have to show what ideas they would put in place, and how they decided to set up the work. The following week, the groups will visit Pisa, where they will meet with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce. There will be two more tutoring meetings and checking drafts, leading up to the final presentation on July 7.

Stefano Soglia proposed to the students a series of focuses to work on: the analysis of the territory, the study of benchmarks and, above all, the project proposal that will lead to the conclusion of the work.

A fascinating challenge for the students of the Professional Master in Business Management, track Tourism, Heritage and Events, who, under the supervision of Professor Stefano Soglia, will have the opportunity to work on an innovative and fascinating topic: how to develop a “different” tourism in an iconic city like Pisa. How to take visitors beyond the tower, and how to involve the rest of the city and its surroundings in pathways that can later be developed by tour operators or city institutions.

This is an exceptional opportunity for Master‘s participants who will be able to see how to work in the tourism sector from both public and private perspectives, and they will be able to propose their project to those who work in this sector and may be interested in young managers capable of managing complexity with an innovative spirit.

The BBS Professional Master in Business Management combines face-to-face lectures with Project Work and MGIncontri, meetings with managers who provide students with their experiences, to offer an opportunity to contact companies. A path as practical as it is theoretical, created by Bologna Business School, to guide students into the business world.


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