BBS Global Dialogues. Jack Ewing

2 April 2020

It has been postponed until a later date the speech ’The Volkswagen emissions scandal and the future of the auto industry’ by Jack Ewing, European Economy correspondent for The New York Times.

The meeting, initially scheduled for March 4, was postponed following the decisions of the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Minister of Health and the Rector of the University of Bologna, which suspended all teaching activities until 8 March 2020.

Expert in banking and monetary policy, Ewing joined the International Herald Tribune in 2010, today the international edition of The New York Times, after 10 years as an editor at the Frankfurt Business Week magazine.

Author of Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal, published in 2017, Erwing has analyzed in depth the scandal that cost Volkswagen a fine of several billion dollars, as well as civil and criminal charges and a significant drop in credibility among consumers.

The story is known: in September 2015, the American Environmental Protection Agency announced that software capable of circumventing the regulations on emissions of nitrogen oxide was installed in the cars of the Wolfsburg brand marketed in the United States, allowing approval of engines that exceeded 40 times the allowed limit. So in a few months, the so-called “Dieselgate” breaks out, with arrests and convictions of the top managers of Volkswagen, a fine of 14.7 billion dollars and the start of a class action that has already cost over 20 billion.

A complex story, which Ewing tells with scrupulous precision and which will be the starting point for reflecting, with the BBS Community, on the future of the automotive sector, closely linked to the challenges of climate change and marked by an increasingly demanding and informed public opinion.

The event, dedicated to BBS Community, will be held in English

Details to register available online soon


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