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15 August 2016

Where has your experience in BBS has taken you? The BBS Alumni share with us their projects. In this edition of BBS Alumni Network we introduce Simone Serni Alumnus of the Master in Marketing Communication and New Media, and his project: Chianti Life. 

A university degree in Political Sciences, with a specialization in Communication and Mass Media. Then a long experience in marketing and digital communication. Simone Serni, Alumnus of the Marketing and Communication Master’s, back when Bologna Business School was still called Alma Graduate School, last July 2nd presented to the BBS Digital Fair a project of his on territorial promotion, called Chianti Life. Talking to him also gave us the chance to exchange a few professional reflections.


Marketing Manager

Imola isn’t very far from Bologna, but for Simone the growth that came to be from a Imola-based company to a Bologna-based one can be measured in terms of ten years of hard work and a high specialization. Today he’s Marketing Manager and suggests to younger people “If you’d like to work in marketing, you need to have clear ideas and be motivated, results are achieved only in the medium-long term”. And it was so for him. After attending the Master’s at Bologna Business School, Simone started a professional path in marketing, which then became a profession and a passion. “Initially, the choice to attend the Master’s at BBS was aimed at adding professionalism to my university studies.”


The experience at BBS

“The Master’s makes you grow in terms of managing time and solutions. It creates a great deal of empathy and cohesion among the students. It’s also helpful in order to strengthen the skills needed to manage a team and its relationships, which is fundamental for everyday work.” Simone’s memories of his time at BBS are mainly linked to the pace of activities. “I remember whole days spent in the classrooms and then the projects, on which we worked tenaciously, to be delivered a few days later or even the following day.” Simone feels that year was essential to establish a real contact with the world of work and its dynamics.


Chianti Life

“A few months ago I launched the Chianti Life project, a portal of cultural and tourism promotion devoted to Chianti.” Which isn’t just a type of wine, but also a geographical area rich in history and culture. “There are already many projects to promote the Chianti area, funded by the Region Tuscany, by local authorities or the European Union. My portal starts from the premise that Chianti isn’t just a commercial brand, but first and foremost a lifestyle”. The project aim is to create a recognised brand, Chianti Life, through which to really promote the already renowned Tuscan territory. “Chianti is among the top 20 popular words foreigners know. This piece of information makes you think about an interesting context for future e-commerce. The following step will be to open a real store with this brand in the Chianti area.”


The industry experts

One of Simone’s hobbies is to write a blog on news and information on marketing and communication: he’s noticed the proliferation of consultants selling their professionalism with a style that too often makes one think of bell-ringers. “Since when I started my blog, I’ve noticed a proper invasion of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ experts. It’s now become very hard to make people understand you’re a real professional.” For Simone this isn’t a problem, as his professional experience comes from a Master’s and over ten years of corporate work. “Small businesses often look for solutions for their new web needs. The problem is they don’t carefully select the professionals they entrust the work to, or the right in-house people, entrusting corporate web communication to unaware interns. It’s true though that companies have a hard task because the market is crawling with cheap experts, but at the same time corporate managers and owners lack a proper, in-depth web literacy. Today such lack can’t be accepted.”


Digital Fair

Simone was one of the 35 exhibitors of the Bologna Business School Digital Fair, held last July 2nd. Besides the fruitful exchange with very different professionals, entrepreneurs and projects, Simone makes a proposal for a possible development of BBS’ Fair. “The Digital Fair could be an interesting event for those students already attending a Master’s course or those who are interested in enrolling at BBS. It’s a perfect occasion to collect information about the School through its success stories.”


Advice and suggestions

This is what Simone replies to our request of providing advice to younger people: “Try and understand with clarity what you want to do in life. Marketing or social media marketing is a very fresh topic, but it means a hard daily work and don’t expect immediate results. You can’t certainly become professionals attending simple private courses lasting a few days or giving a hand to a friend. Invest in knowledge and learn within a company starting from the bottom up.” And finally a piece of advice having a universal value: “If you really want to succeed you need to master English almost like a native speaker”.


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