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2 February 2021

Dear All, We are happy to announce to you that the Council of Founders of the BBS Alumni Association just appointed the new Board of Directors, as well as nine “Co-Presidents” that will turn every six months in the role of “President on Duty”.


Co-Presidents: Pinar Akbas (TR), Global MBA 2013-4, Best Student of the Year, recently appointed in the BBS BoD, First PODBA (President On Duty of the BBS Alumni) for 6 months | Dario Ciampoli (ITA), EMBA 2005-7, Coach of the BBS Soccer Team | Gabriella Crafa (ITA), Master in Communication and IT 2001-2 | Gabriella Di Clemente (ZA), Global MBA 2014-5 | Samantha Morrison (UK), Master in AFC 2003-4 | Paola Olivieri (ITA) International EMBA 2018-20 | Michele Pontecorvo Ricciardi (ITA) Executive Master in Sales and Marketing 2014-5 | Alessio Rossi (ITA/USA) Corporate MBA 2004-5 | Franco Valentini (ITA) EMBA 2016-8

Board of Directors: Andrea Aprile (ITA), Master in Finanza, Controllo e Auditing 2019-20 | Gianfranco Cardamone (ITA) EMBA 2010-2, Organizer of the EMBA Sailing Experience | Sigrid Egger (AT) Global MBA 2018-9 | Min Liu (CN) Global MBA 2014-5 | Marina Lombardi (ITA) EMTIM 2011-2 | Ethan Murphy (US) Global MBA 2015-6 | Federico Palomba (ITA/HK) Master in Management e IT 2001-2 | Valeria Carolina Rojas Nastrucci (VE- ITA) Global MBA 2016-7 | Ronald Rwakigumba (UG) Global MBA 2011-2 | Ottaviano Salerno (ITA) Global MBA 2018-9 |  Apoorva Anand Srikkanth (IN) Global MBA 2018-9 | Armin Zadakbar (IR) Global MBA 2011-2

Last week we asked for your help in order to suggest potential candidates to the Council of Founders: thank you for sending 500+ suggestions: 18 member out of 21 are people who were previously nominated and the 5 Alumni who received most recommendations were appointed. The Council of Founders is committed to BBS values, like competence, diversity and inclusion. We believe that the new Alumni BoD fully reflects such principles as we see beautiful differences in terms of culture, nationality, age, gender, attitudes, careers, backgrounds and more. 


Nevertheless, today the Council of Founders appointed only 21 members out of 31 positions available. In order to allow even larger participation, a new call for interest and nominations will be issued in the next months. Finally, the co-Presidents will call a General Assembly of the Alumni Association, by the end of July 2021, to elect 5 new members of the Council of Founders.

In spite of the difficult time we are facing, BBS continues to work and build a better future. In this perspective, we are now boosting the Alumni Association in order to involve more and more members of the community, strengthen our network and multiply opportunities for all our stakeholders.

We are looking forward to organize the greatest Alumni Reunion as soon as the circumstances will allow it. Meanwhile we encourage you to regularly visit the BBS community website and engage in creative and challenging activities with the Alumni Association.

Warm Regards,

Sara Valentini, Associate Dean for Community

Max Bergami, Dean


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