BBS Alumni Association first Assembly

1 June 2021

Yesterday BBS Alumni Association had its first assembly with 70+ members attending! The first stone was laid, for a life-long journey to help each other by co-creating moments of sharing.

President on Duty Pinar Akbas led the meeting and together with co-presidents introduced BBS Alumni Association pillars and vision, to fostering a spirit of co-creation and community building. BBS Dean Massimo Bergami joined too to say hello and awaking a forward-looking spirit.

An auditor was appointed and expression of interests to appoint 5 new alumni representatives members of the Founding Board collected. The names of the new members will be announced in the next few days. They will have important responsibilities such as approving the appointment of future co-presidents, strategic and investment plans.

Besides the decision-making process, the first Assembly was an opportunity to spark conversations, connecting ideas, gathering together in a virtual environment. Members from all over the world with different time zones truly connected to each other to bind the association, together.

In the end, new initiatives were announced such as the development of mentorship paths and sports and food and beverage clubs, to enhance cultural diversity by leveraging on the richness that characterizes BBS Alumni Association.

A value creation cutting-edge opportunity for both alumni and students, to enable new interactions, creativity, and happy moments. Together, to get there


*Picture credit: Graduation Reunion & Ceremony 2017


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