ASFOR Award of Excellence 2021 presented to Andrea Pontremoli

24 June 2021

Andrea Pontremoli, member of the Programme Advisor Committee Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports and Co-Director of the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management, received the ASFOR Award of Excellence 2021, the award created by the Italian Association for Managerial Training to recognize excellence in business and management.

 The award was presented to Mr. Pontremoli during the 19th Day of Managerial Training, an event promoted by the association and broadcast via live streaming on Wednesday, June 16th. It was Marco Vergeat, the president of ASFOR, who bestowed the award on the Industry Champion and BBS teacher, in the presence of the Italian Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, who spoke about how knowledge, training and skills are essential to restart our country. 

The award is part of this context of commitment to a restart based on the strongest values of Made in Italy. Vergeat justified the award by highlighting Pontremoli’s participation in the “promotion of quality training processes, which contribute to the inclusion of young people in the world of work and the development of the skills of those already employed”. The president of ASFOR also emphasized the contribution “to the growth and success of the Emilian Motor Valley district, a flagship of Italy’s production system,” as well as a training system that “nurtures the creation of highly qualifying pathways (…) extended to university and post-graduate education”.

Upon accepting the award, Andrea Pontremoli stressed the importance of the role of entrepreneurs and managers who are called on to recognize the talent and potential of people in order to offer new generations values and passions capable of nourishing their sense of belonging.


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