Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management – job positions

Technology Project Manager: Leading and managing technology projects

The Technology Project Manager is a professional who leads technology projects within an organisation. His or her main responsibilities include defining project objectives, assigning tasks and resources to the team, managing the budget and working with the technical team to ensure the implementation of technical solutions in line with project objectives.


Digital Transformation/Innovation Consultant: Providing expert consultancy in the field of digital trandformation

The Digital Transformation/Innovation Consultant guides organisations through digital transformation processes to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness. His responsibilities include defining digital transformation strategies, driving cultural change, identifying inefficiencies in business processes and collaborating with internal teams, business partners and suppliers on innovative projects.


Product Development Manager: Supervising the development of technology products

The Product Development Manager in the technology sector oversees the product development life cycle from conception to implementation. Responsibilities include collaboration with stakeholders, managing the entire product life cycle, leading the development team and monitoring technology trends.


Business Analyst: Analysis of business requirements and technology solutions

The Business Analyst plays a key role in analysing business requirements and identifying necessary technology solutions. He/she collaborates with stakeholders, analyses data, researches and evaluates solutions, translates business requirements into technical specifications, develops test plans and monitors the performance of implemented solutions.


Artificial Intelligence Manager: Guide in implementing Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Manager develops, implements and manages solutions based on artificial intelligence. He collaborates with different business units to address challenges and opportunities, designing machine learning models to solve specific problems. Supports development and IT teams in integrating AI solutions with existing business systems, ensuring a collaborative and synergistic approach