Arianna Miscugli, Master in Business Management: “BBS is an opportunity of input and networking”

26 August 2019


My name is Arianna Miscugli, and after the triennial I decided to enroll in the Master in Business Management / Made in Italy as I was looking for a path that could test me directly in contact with the world of work.

I attended the Three-year Degree Course in Management and Marketing – Faculty of Economics at the University of Bologna. I chose this address because it seemed to me the right mix between more logical and numerical subjects combined with more social and psychological themes and aspects; it was what I was looking for and my expectations were more than satisfied. During my studies I came into contact with the FMCG sector and with the development of all the marketing mix levers and I became more and more passionate about it: and to say that as a child I wanted to be a veterinarian, but then I took a decidedly long way different!

I wanted to deepen my skills and so I decided to continue my studies: I knew BBS because, having studied at the Alma Mater, I had heard about it from other former students. I then participated in a couple of Open Days and then decided to register and I must say that I was very satisfied with my choice.


In addition to the professional content and specific skills that have certainly been fundamental, I believe that the most valuable experience has been the enrichment of my “soft skills”: being able to understand what are my attitudinal and character strengths, in a an atmosphere of confrontation and exchange with other students who came from paths totally different from mine was of enormous help.


Among the strengths of the Master BBS I would certainly indicate the variety of topics that are addressed, along with the countless testimonies in the classroom that allow us to understand “what’s outside” and address each according to their own needs and professional preferences: not the least, the input and networking opportunities with totally different profiles and backgrounds.


After completing the Masters in Business Management, I began an internship at the Marketing Office of Bahlsen Italia, the Italian Business Unit of the large German company of biscuits for industrial confectionery. I stayed at the company for almost two years and in September 2017 I started a new experience at Ferrero, where I still work as a Global Product Manager, doing product innovation and developing a new category for the company. Ferrero is an extraordinary company, a real gym that teaches a great deal accompanying the professional growth of each with a focus that always sees the Product and Consumer at the center. The food sector is certainly an area that I really like and that I find very stimulating, but the Cosmetics & Personal Care sector also attracts me a lot and, why not, move on to the other side, that is, on the Distribution side. My short term goals are to integrate the strategic approach with more commercial dynamics to complete my all-round profile.


BBS taught me to be flexible, multi-tasking and open-minded. A future student of BBS adviser to be a sponge, absorbing as much as possible: participate in every event, testimony, workshop that BBS offers because each of these meetings will leave something.

Arianna Miscugli – Italy

Master in Business Management / Made in Italy – Year 2015/2016


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