Antonio Croce: a model enterprise

23 June 2015

Antonio Screpis talks about his brand Antonio Croce, introducing the project work of the students of the Master in Business Management.

Can you tell us about Antonio Croce and its beginning?
Antonio Croce comes from my passion. I am a model maker by nature, I began to be a model maker at 14 years and since then I never stopped. Design is necessary for clothing, but I always preferred to understand how to make things real. I’m passionate about the engineering side of the dress. The company was born on January 1, 2000, and in 2002 we met Burberry. We have contributed to its success, translating the design in wearability. The capacity to renew the product is our corporate strength.
All modelers within us come from my teachings. They are very young, along with two girls collaborating with me since twenty five years. At the end of 2015 we are gonna be 130 people in our headquarter in Cattolica, while our induced involves about 3,000 people.

What about the project work with the students of BBS?
We had the idea to engage the students of the progress in the Asian Markets and Made in Italy from the Master in Business Management of BBS. The first group had to understand whether there is potential in the Asian markets for a specific brand identity. The second group, and here we have just begin, will be involved to think of the brand experience that we want to offer. We want to collect all their ideas to implement an integrated set of contact. We want to have the best interaction with our target customers.
I am convinced that we can do a great job, all together.

What the clothing industry need to consider, today?
Clothing is quality, price, fit, material… perhaps, the brand image is the smallest part. You can have a beautiful image but if the product is missing other aspects that make the dress, you are not affordable.

Why do you like to work with young people?
When you’re young you’re a force of nature, you fight to achieve something. I think that a project like this in BBS is ideal to understand what we can create together. Working with young people is a great opportunity to get a closer look at the sensitivity of the present and of the future. Today you can not overlook the technological innovation and the sustainability of your clothing. It would be very different to work with someone who has achieved success in the ’80s, when the market was completely different, and easier. A company like ours is always looking for talented young people who want to express something.


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