Antonio Croce: seven scholarships for Business Management Students

31 July 2015

At the end of a project work, Antonio Screpis, CEO and Founder of Antonio Croce, has donated seven scholarships from 2,000 € to as many students of the Master in Business Management.

The project work involved students in the Asian Markets and Made in Italy track, to define the brand experience and the potential of a specific brand in the Far East. After the presentation of the work, Antonio Screpis announced that he would give seven scholarships from 2,000 €.

You are donating seven scholarships. However, you didn’t want to inform the students that they had this opportunity, until the closure of the project work. Why?
Because I believe in young people. I want to give them the opportunity to give their best, without thinking about money. Moreover, I think it is better to reward people for what they did, rather than what they will do. I decided to give seven scholarships in order to reward all members of the two groups presenting the most interesting projects. Four students of the track in Made in Italy plus three of the Asian Markets.
The results are impressive, and I would like to take some students in internships. We speak of a fixed initial then depending on what each one will build their own way.

What are you searching in your younger collaborators?
The resourcefulness and passion for what they do. It doesn’t matter the job, the passion is critical and helps in everyday life. I do believe in the initiative.

Do you think that are more important the technical skills or a certain personal attitude?
Balance is important: 50 and 50, without excess on one side or the other.

What advice would you give to those who are pursuing a career in business?
Defend the company.  Do everything you can in order to help it. In family businesses, in which the direct results of your work can be seen, just do it. You will bring benefits to the company and yourself too.



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